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TS and its Future

Jun 01, 1997 01:19 PM
by M K Ramadoss


I just saw a very scholarly and thought provoking article on the TS and its
Future by G. A. Farthing in the Theosophy World #12, June 1, 1997 which
appeared in the May, 1997 issue of HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST.

Anyone interested in Theosophy and TS will find it very interesting reading
and may be we all should ponder about the various items he discussed. Due to
the length of the article, it is posted in 3 parts.

I am told that Farthing wants it to be as widely read and circulated as
possible. Some of you may even want to makes copies available to other
fellow theosophists.

Hope you will enjoy reading it.


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