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Re: E-linkage/flat network

May 31, 1997 12:08 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:32 PM 5/31/97 -0400, Ken Malkin wrote:

>Einar, great homepage ! I am going to discuss a similar possibility in
>our lodge. With your consent and future approval, E-Linkage may be in
>the future of all lodges.

>From what I have read, setting up a home page is not all that complicated.
But long term maintaining and updating it is a more demanding task.

e-linkage not only of all lodges but every man, woman and child is going to
happen. It is only a question of when and how soon. For example in England
there is a proposal to assign a e-mail address to every man, woman and
child. Children could access Internet from their schools and even homeless
can access their mail from a library.

When universal availability of e-mail becomes a reality, it is going to
cause a lot of problems to various organizations which are run like TS. As
Warcup stated, the fundamental change is the shift of power from the top to
the bottom.

Take for example the scenario of every TS member on e-mail. If I have a
problem which I think need to be communicated to everyone, I can just e-mail
it to every member. My cost? Just my time. Imagine the amount of money one
has to spend if I were to use snailmail.

Another example: consider all that was done when the TSA bylaws were
presented to the membership. Since the only vehicle thru which most members
received info was via the AT. Since the editorial control was in the hands
of the National President, full advantage was taken of it and you know the
results. On the other hand if e-mail access to every member was available,
everyone would have received information from every point of view and
hopefully the results would have been exactly opposite.

So don't look for miracles. Just nudging at the edge is all you are likely
to see.


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