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Barts wants a Spanking

May 31, 1997 09:32 AM
by Ken Malkin

"Beat him, bite him and kick him, see how he smiles!" Seems to me Bart's
penchant for raising people's emotional "Stuff" is obvious. He is the
man who 'Gurdjieff' would hire to perpetrate dissension in the ranks and
thus allow the rest of us  to "See ourselves". Good show that!
To bring to fruition on the physical plane, emotional upset can be an
intricate process, solely for one's desire of exercising control. At its
best, that stated, is a Gurdjieffian possibility. We each must discern
the true nature of another's intent.
If you allude to knowing something in a secretive manner that the rest
of us are questioning (see Bart's answers Theos-l" 1055), what is
gained? In fact, might not that which is lost be the only possession
each of us truly control, time? Time that could be productive? Thus
would not the retardant act of the "Knower", ultimately bare the
responsibility for what was prevented from manifesting in the interest
of and for the greater good?.
Certainly we are not in the area of great or even scant esoteric
knowledge here. "Lawful" in fact may mean a universal imperative not a
personal one.
Einar, great homepage ! I am going to discuss a similar possibility in
our lodge. With your consent and future approval, E-Linkage may be in
the future of all lodges.

As always, peace profound.
Ken Malkin

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