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Re: Wierd dreams

May 29, 1997 07:00 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:14 PM 5/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello friends
>I wanted to ask you, what Theosophy says about dreams, speccialy strange
>dreams.seems sometimes that we have very vivid and clear dreams, but
>some dreams are very wierd and strange. In Theosophy says that in your
>dreamss you can some times see some great masters of wisdom, is it true?
>and another question: how can possibly can know if we had maked contact
>with some great master of wisdom , or some great wise master more
>earthly bound (that can be some of us for example, and we can barely
>notice him)
Hi Estrella: Good to see your post.

       I think that the analogy in real world would apply to dream world
also. If I were to run into a Master of Wisdom in physical world, I do not
know how I would recognize him/her. After all it is the inner spirit/soul
that differentiates a Master from an ordinary human being.

>P.S. and another question, for the person (i think was Eldon) how u can
>possibly see the images someone sends you in mail in Netscape system of
>mail? seems that this person send some images, but unfortunately i
>could'nt see it, only numbers and letters i could see. if someone here
>knows how to see them, i will gladly thank you.
>i think it's all for now...leaving more questions for the other letter.
>A salute to Thoa,Liesel,Kym,Lynn,Doss and the others.
>P.S.S. In the money issue, the thing depends in the degree of
>selfishness and/or the amount of salary in the nation/city involved.
>In Mexico, with every spend being a great pain in budget, share and
>friendship/solidarity are greatly has to be.if not, it doesn't
Let me try to answer. If you want a picture to be sent by e-mail, then first
you need the picture to be scanned into a graphic format file such as .gif
etc. Then you attach the file to your e-mail. At the other end the recipient
receives the attachment file. Then using a program which will display the
graphic file you display the file on your display. Also one can attach any
kind of file to a e-mail msg - such as audio, video, database etc. To
see/hear/use the info contained in these you need right kind of software
which will "interpret" the file.

May be some one can give you a better description.


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