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Wierd dreams

May 29, 1997 05:14 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

Hello friends
I wanted to ask you, what Theosophy says about dreams, speccialy strange
dreams.seems sometimes that we have very vivid and clear dreams, but
some dreams are very wierd and strange. In Theosophy says that in your
dreamss you can some times see some great masters of wisdom, is it true?
and another question: how can possibly can know if we had maked contact
with some great master of wisdom , or some great wise master more
earthly bound (that can be some of us for example, and we can barely
notice him)
P.S. and another question, for the person (i think was Eldon) how u can
possibly see the images someone sends you in mail in Netscape system of
mail? seems that this person send some images, but unfortunately i
could'nt see it, only numbers and letters i could see. if someone here
knows how to see them, i will gladly thank you.
i think it's all for now...leaving more questions for the other letter.
A salute to Thoa,Liesel,Kym,Lynn,Doss and the others.
P.S.S. In the money issue, the thing depends in the degree of
selfishness and/or the amount of salary in the nation/city involved.
In Mexico, with every spend being a great pain in budget, share and
friendship/solidarity are greatly has to be.if not, it doesn't

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