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RE: Money, argument, logic

May 28, 1997 07:03 PM
by Anna S. Bjornsdottir & E.A.

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Tom Robertson wrote:
> >Providentially, the message of Theosophy will continue to spread. . .
> >despite Theosophists.
> And in spite of those who aren't willing to pay for it.

	Note, however, that there are ways of paying other than money. In our
Lodge, for example, there are a number of members who don't volunteer,
and can't pay. But they show up at the meetings, they learn, they
understand, and they try to share their understanding with outers.
Sometimes, that is payment enough.

	Bart Lidofsky

Why are we talking so much about payment and money? How about 'to give', =
'to share', 'to receive gifts'?=20
Money are not important here, attitude towards money is... -=20
A payment can be many things. It can be a token of love and =
appreciation, it can be a demand for sevice - a bargain, it can be a =
bribe. We won't probably be able in many instances to see the =
difference, although often we can have a feeling.
The same goes for the demand for payment. It can be an opportunity of =
fairness "you are not obliged to owing me anything, if you pay me fair =
amount for my time.=20
But finding the right way to deal with money may be difficult. If we =
have a problem with money, it's all a case of human weaknesses.

What we probably are seeking in our theosophical manner is to find a =
proper way to share, without running into those weaknesses. In our =
theosophical community we should try to solve it without rigidity, =
without strict rules, conformity and condemnation. We should be out on =
our watch, and try to do as much sharing and as little bargaining as =
possible. But we should always have our mind to the factor of sharing =
and giving, because giving is the single most effective way to happiness =
ther is. But we can't all engage in giving only. Someone has to do the =
sacrifice of receiving.=20

When it all adds up, it is the feeling of ownership we should be looking =
at. Ownership is a venerable disease with us humans, and one of the most =
persistent one! We 'own' cars, houses, mony, you name it. We seem to =
think that we 'own' our body, altough it?s obviously a part of nature. =
We 'own' our family, a fact that creates wars in a lot of families.=20
Here on this list we obviously love our ideas, our knowledge, our =
opinions, and love to show it off. And it's almost if having our car =
scratches or ruined, if someone speak harsly about our precious ideas.
But most of all we love our reputation, our identity. it is obviously =
our most precious possession, and also the last fetter we have to get =
rid of before the enlightenment.=20
So, take greed, arrogance, and pride - and we have pinpointed the =
problem of payment or not.

So, if I don't take money for my lectures, I don't expect anyone to =
belive or agree on what I say, and I give a hoot about what people think =
of me as a person - that should give me a pritty high rating on the =
scale, or what?!!

WRONG question! - Do I know how to give to gice myself, my whole being - =
do I master the skill of receiving gifts, listening to people, share =
their problems - do I know how to share, how to understand?=20
I don't know - but it is an imprtant question - that I know.

With love - Einar

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