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Re: The Price of Truth

May 27, 1997 08:56 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Jerry S:

>I learned a long time ago that if things are
>given away too easily, they are held in contempt (or at
>least with small respect).  People only respect what
>they have to pay for (money, time, sweat, or

Your reply leads me to consider an important point.
Perhaps people more involved with making money,
participating in the Western World's materialistic
rat race, value money more highly. To them, they both
have the money to pay for seminars and get the feeling
that what they're getting is more valuable if it comes
with a higher price tag. By offering *to them* programs
that are costly, they'll come, pay the money, and
be more intent on what they're taught.

This is, in a way, a form of market segmentation. To
those that can pay and appreciate things more if they're
with a price tag, a program with fees would be appealing.

To another segment of seekers, a free program with no
mention of money would be a key element.

Perhaps there isn't a single way that would work for
everyone, everywhere, all the time.

(I say this, though, feeling it hard to justify big
fees for spiritual or self-improvement programs, especially
if the profits are not going to some worthy cause, being
used instead to line someone's pockets.)

-- Eldon

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