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Re: Charging Money

May 26, 1997 08:52 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:
> At 01:41 AM 5/26/97 -0400, JRC wrote:
> >Wow. Sure are some *very* bizarre economic theories being postulated on
> >this list. Sure glad the Adepts and HPB apparently looked upon the poor a
> >bit more kindly.
> >                                                               -JRC
>   HPB wanted the poor to be fed on her death anniversary. And while she did
> not charge for anyone who came to her and met and discussed.

	She also smoked and ate meat.

	Sometimes, in order to benefit humanity, you might do some things,
which, if viewed in a vacuum, might not benefit humanity. Luckily, we do
not live in a vacuum, and can look at the totality of things, and not
look at any one issue as a litmus test. For example, would you say that
if someone is not a member of the E.S., then they are not a good


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