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Re: RealTime communication for us.

May 23, 1997 07:03 AM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

An IRC, yes.  Mostly due to the fact that on an IRC you can have greater
blocks of text whereas, in a mud format, there is a maximum string length.
I may be confused as to what an IRC is as well.  I am currently under the
impression that, with an IRC, you write your message, post it, and then do
an update which shows you the messages that were posted while you were
writing yours.  I may be wrong.  If that is not an IRC, then I have
probably never been on one.

Doss: A MUD is an acronym for Multi-User Dungeon.  Mud's are usually based
on certain role-playing games like the ever famous Dungeons and Dragons,
etc.  A MUSH is like a mud, only you don't go around hacking and slashing
things.  I am helping to code a mud based on a "post-apocolypse" idea that
a friend had, and right now, the system is up, we just have created any
"scenery".  I'm not really into playing on muds anymore, mostly because I
can find much better ways to spend my time, but the coding itself is quite
the learning experience.  To log onto a mud, or mush, you need to telnet
to it.  If you have a server or software which allows you to telnet, you
should be ok.

I would agree with Bart that an IRC would be much better for us, but
unfortanately, I don't have access to IRC formats.  And I don't know
anything about them, as is obvious.  It is possible that I might be able
to get a seperate mud code put on this site that we could use as a
permanent meeting area for us.  I'd just have to clear it with a friend

Obviously, none of us will be logging on to run around killing monsters
and devils, so the mud that I set up will be simply a few rooms where
people can go to talk.  (I could even create some tea and coffee for us to
sip during our conversations)*laugh*.  I might even be able to expand the
string length so that we can send our messages in large blocks instead of
several small, three-line ones.

If anyone does have access to an IRC, I would be more than happy to use
that instead.  This was mainly just a spontaneous "hmmm".


> 	Wouldn't an IRC be more efficient?
> 	Bart Lidofsky

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