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Video and gurus on the internet

May 21, 1997 05:54 PM

IBut, I wonder how much of that information one gets in F2F encounters is
necessary information or even downright distracting information. This one of
the things that has intrigued me in virtual communication. (It apparently
intrigued AT&T or some other Internet provider as well because they made a
commercial on this very subject.) When reading something via email, on a
UseNet group, or in a chat room, you're judging the words on their own merits
without gender, race, whether they're picking their nose while talking to
you, or other superficialities entering into it (unless you read the email
header first and can determine the writer's gender from their name). IOW,
it's almost a physical plane analog of telepathic communication. In a way, I
think it's a part of human evolution to train us to interact without
superficialities intervening and for training us to work in groups to serve
humanity by first conceiving the plan of action in the realm of ideas before
concretizing it on the physical plane. (I'm just saying this as only one
method of working together, not that it is or should be the *only* method.)

There are drawbacks to virtual communication, I agree. It's a "cold" medium
and we've had to develop emoticons, etc. to compensate for the inability to
see the smile on the other's face, etc. (part of the information you referred
to, Thoa, exchanged in F2F meetings). However, I do believe that the
development of the Internet has a profound significance in terms of bringing
humanity together and in accustomizing us to viewing each other as more than
physical plane personalities, that it is an externalization of esoteric
events and processes.

I'm not really disagreeing with you, Thoa. You simply inspired me this
morning. ;-D



This is all very interesting and I have been trying to get at this for some
time in the since that what does it mean to really communicate on ALL levels
as suggested by theosophy.  The musician can communicate more effectively than
the philosopher on the astral/emotinal plane.  The massuse can communicate on
the physical plane.  The higer planes are exactly what we DON'T have an
effective technology for except meditation and some would say the negative
shortcuts like drugs or spiritualism, magick, and others (negative in the
since of dangerous, but not necessarily morally wrong! He said trying to cover
his cyber-ass! :)

I have Presario equipped to have video transmission- video conferencing, I
think it is called in business parlance.
I think some of the pornographers are using video conferencing for relating on
the physical plane, I dare say.

It will be a short time unitl we can have more live chat IRC style with video.
 A true cyber-lodge can thus emerge with more complete linking in time across
vast difference of space.

I'm not so sure this is important, but it might be fun!  I am afraid the gurus
will turn out to be the usual pop stars for most.  Everyone will want to link
up with
Brad Pitt or Sharon Stone as one's taste may be.  Krishnamurti was always
amazed that people came again and again to be in his presence.  Maybe beauty
of soul and bakti is in the linking of the chakras of the guru and yogi-chela.

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