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Re: Hello again

May 14, 1997 05:05 PM
by M K Ramadoss

> I was off the internet entirely for months.  Looks like people are off again
> doing other things for spring and summer.
> The Texas Federation is later this month in Dallas.  Bing Escudero spoke to us
> this month on "Hidden Teachings"---- the big surprise is that there are NO
> hidden teachings, only hidden TEACHERS!  I'm still thinking about that one.
    Bing was also here at San Antonio. There is a fascination about
"secret" and "hidden" stuff. I am glad that the Teachers have decided to
remain unknown and anonymous, after all they know Their business billion
times better than we novices. I recall that during HPB's time, members
used to pester her asking her to request her Teachers to accept them as
disciples. I wonder how she lived with the constant pestering. Imagine
if one of the Teachers were to have telephone number to reach them.
Their phones will constantly be ringing, especially these days when
everyone wants how and immediate results that they hope to get high on.

> Dear Eldon:  Did you ever mail that digest sample of writings on theos-l.  Can
> you e-mail me one?
> Dear Alan:  How are things in jolly old England?   How is TI coming along.
> The WWW is so hypnotizing.  I'm afraid these newsgroups caused a momentary
> return to letter writing, but the era a belle lettres has been quickly
> superceded by cyber-graphics galore.
> Namaste
> Keith Price
> ps. Did Hale-Bopp really do anything for anybody except the Heaven'sgaters.
> Doss Mc David was horrified to read that they were students of theosophy
> (small t).  Does anyone expect any mass suicides or spritual awakenings.

      To me Heaven's gaters posed no problem. If they read theosophy, so
much the good.

> I wrote another apology to John Algeo regarding my long forgotten (to me) faux
> pas.   I don't think suicide is the answer, but the TSA headquaters could say
> something interesting and risky, besides putting down those members who try to
> stir things up a little.  One lives on in hope, at least until the next comet
> :)

        When is the next comet due? Does anyone know?


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