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Theosophists and How?Why?

May 13, 1997 07:04 AM
by Thoa Tran

Against his will, a theosophist gets drafted and shipped off to basic
training.  While at the rifle range he is given a rifle and some
ammunition. Said theosophist then sends three shots downrange and is
informed that nothing hit the target. Puzzled, our hero takes out the
manual to doublecheck his action, checks the chamber, cycles the action
and reloads.  Three more shots are fired off and the same message comes
from downrange -- no hits. Now the theosophist seems perplexed. He puts
his finger over the barrel and lets loose a round. The tip of his finger
is taken off in a spray of red mist. He then yells down to the sighting
bunkers, "It's leaving here just fine. The problem must be on your end!"

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