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local access providers

May 05, 1997 12:25 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Doss writes from Texas
>I have always dealt with a local provider who can fix the problem in a snap

I agree! I swtiched from AOL to a local access provider, because AOL never
got my problems taken care of, and access was at time extremely slow and
expensive. My local provider, dreamscape, doesn't work as fast as Doss' does
down it Texas, but I'm very happy with the service just the same. I can get
a line right away, or sometimes within a few minutes, and my problems, if
any, are taken care of that day. I too prefer the small local provider over
the humungous national one, because I find I get much better service. Maybe
access to the WWW isn't quite as easy, but I seem to be managing that also
quite nicely.


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