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Apr 25, 1997 10:19 AM
by Thoalight

Gertrude wrote:
>Jeffrey Smart:
>> I wish to be removed from this list. thanks


The answer could be as simple as the volume was way too much.  Some posts
require a tremendous time to read them.  Unless you have a desire to read
them, it can be overwhelming.  I had a friend who logged on but had to log
off because it was too much for her.  Of course, it could be because we're so
darn obnoxious (paranoid meter goes up.  Everyone starts to wonder, "What did
I do?") :o)  Anyway, this list is the way it is because of everybody's
personality who joined in.  No problemo.  Good, bad. and indifference.  

Hey, it could be worse.  On my Kuk Sool Won list that I never read or post,
somebody replied to all the posts with the same paragraph requesting that his
e-mail is too precious to be clogged with insignificant talks, and to only
post when they have something better to talk about.  Later his wife e-mailed
in apologizing to everyone, stating that she enjoyed the talks.

I personally enjoy these theosophy lists tremendously.  I was starting to
learn about t/Theosophy when I joined in.  Now I'm hooked.  I've gotten a lot
of information, directions and laughs out of them.  It's strenghtened my
thinking and word mind.  Sometimes, I feel like logging off so that I don't
have to think in terms of words but just pictures.  The problem with thinking
in terms of pictures all the time is that you become inept at communication.

Anyway, I won't be able to respond to any e-mails, private or otherwise,
since I am off on vacation for 2 weeks.  Have great weeks, folks.

Thoa a.k.a. Thoalight Zone :o)

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