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the messenger

Apr 23, 1997 01:59 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear folks,

I'm glad Jeff Gresko wrote up something about how we are different from a
cult. I get that question all the time, and it's good that one of you in
Wheaton asnwered it publicly. Apparently we also needed a restatement of
what Theosophy is, for newcomers. I'm always in favor of how John Algeo
expresses ideas. He's good at it.

Now, here comes the "however". Both of you talk about our "democratically
elected" officers. I beg to differ. Doesn't it say in the new by laws that
an officer needs first to be a member of the Board? I don't think there's
another way of nominating anyone, as for instance to have someone nominated
from the Society at large with, perhaps, 20 Seconds. Also, even if you don't
want to be reminded of it, the people in opposition to the by laws, our last
elections, were not given free and equal access to the "American
Theosophist". I don't think that any of this qualifies under "being democratic".

I hope you print this in "The Messenger". That would be democratic.

Liesel F. Deutsch

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