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ego, reality

Apr 23, 1997 01:40 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

1.) re ego

I think the definiton of that word depends upon who's using it. Very often,
it means the smaller, more selfish part of the human psyche, that's what it
means to freud et al. I think to some theosophists the Ego is something akin
to the Causal Body. So, now, have your pick.

2.) Re Reality 

What I'd like to know about is the Reality which the very enlightened folks
talk about. They say that our every day is Maya, illusion, and when you're a
very adept meditator you can perceive Reality. To them, that Reality is
absolute, and I wonder about that. To me, whatever it is they perceive, even
if very celestial, is still what they themselves perceive, and I can't see
that this can be absolute.


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