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Re: Ego

Apr 22, 1997 07:09 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

> > Bart:
> > 
> > >Are you saying that it is the policy of the Theosophical Society that
> > >if the observed facts disagree with one's politics, then the observed
> > >facts are incorrect?
> > 
> >    Please give some example of "observed" "facts" you are referring to.
> 	I am asking a question, not making a reference.

MKR: Thanks for the clarification.

> > >Also note that when
> > >people gain power in organizations, they frequently end up working
> > >against the principles of the organization to maintain their power.
> > >That, for example is one of the dangers that the Mahatmas point out in a
> > >paid clergy.
> > 
> >    Once more the Mahatmas have been right on their observation.
> > 
> >    I am very glad that you brought it up. I do not know if you have seen my
> > posts surrounding what happened to Krishnaji. 
> 	I have. Being ignorant about the matter, I chose not to comment.

MKR: I just brought it up for information of everyone on this list and 
confirmation of the dangers.

> >    There is more to the irony of the situation which very few in TSA know of.
> > 
> >    One of the Trustees of K Trusts (who was a party to the litigation) is
> > now on the Board of TSA as well as a Trustee of Theosophical Investment
> > Trust which manages the Investments of TSA.
> 	Now here's the thing. The way I work is that, if I knew the name of the
> person, I would directly ask him or her what the story was. 

MKR: The details of the litigation only recently slowly started coming 
out in print as a result of the publication of Sloss's book on Krishnaji 
(Sloss's book was reviewed in Quest some time back). Well documented 
information has been published on the litigation and 
that is how I found out about the details. So there was no need to ask 
any one. BTW, according to the recent book, the controlling Trustee's wife 
even twice tried to kill Krishnaji - once by hitting him on his head with 
a spanner or wrench and another time by pushing K off a rail station 
platform. Truth is stranger than fiction.

> >    It is with the background of the above historical matter, that I voiced
> > great concern about the way the new bylaws of TSA read. In effect, the BOD
> > of TSA can one day shut down TSA, sell all the property and put the proceeds
> > into the Theosophical Investment Trust.
> > 
> >    Once this is done, no one, you or me will have any say in or even know
> > what is going on in TIT and they have no legal requirement to disclose
> > anything to anyone.
> 	As I have mentioned in the past, the solution is to try and get THOSE
> laws reformed. My personal problem with the new bylaws was that it is
> easier to dissolve a Lodge than it is to throw out an individual member,
> and the new bylaws take away a major part of the disincentive to
> dissolve a Lodge. But the solution is to make it harder to dissolve a
> Lodge. And, if what you say about the TIT is true, then we should take
> action to increase its accountability. BTW, there are definite limits on
> how the property of a dissolved Lodge may be used.

MKR: I would gladly support any effort by anyone who wants to initiate 
any attempt to modify the byelaws.  It is my understanding that while 
there is some statement on the way the property of a dissolved lodge may 
be used, in practice, if the local members disagree with the National 
Office on how the funds in the custody of the National Office is to be used, 
there is nothing "in practice" can be done. In case of a disagreement, the 
National Office has to be sued and even in such a case the local funds 
will perhaps be expended (by National Office) by the time any legal 
resolution can be achieved. Again one has to just see how long the 
Krishnamurti litigation lasted - 18 years and  how many millions of 
dollars were wasted in lining up the pockets of the lawyers.

> >    I have been shouting on this issue to deaf ears ever since the bylaw
> > changes were published. Do you know when I asked for a copy of the Trust
> > Document and the Bylaws of the Trust, I am yet to receive them after almost
> > more than a year. Secrecy of the Trust has already started. Nothing
> > surprises me anymore.
> 	Have you asked Nathan Greer (National Secretary) or Elizabeth Trumpler
> (chief librarian at Wheaton)?

MKR: I made a direct request to John Algeo, National President as he is 
ultimately responsible person on matters relating to TSA and TIT. He has 
not responded to date. Having addressed the request to him, I see no 
reason to contact anyone else.

 > > > In the case of the Theosophical Society, the problem is
> > >clearly one of funding. Traditionally, we have been funded by
> > 
> > MKR:
> > 
> >    I will post a detailed msg on this in next couple of days. Keep tuned in.
> > >fear of offending the big contributors (frequently unnecessary, in my
> > >opinion; the big contributors whom I have met tend to be far more
> > >theosophical than they are given credit for).
> > 
> > It quite some time ago I stopped measuring who is theosophical or who is not
> > theosophical and to what degree.
> 	I used the term "theosophical" in the sense of willingness to accept
> that others have their own opinions, which is just as valid as their
> own.
   MKR: I completely agree with you. In all these matters no one can be 
sure and as such, I support any one to have any opinion they want.

MK Ramadoss

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