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Re: Jesuit training

Apr 20, 1997 07:26 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:43 PM 4/20/97 -0400, liesel f. deutsch wrote:
>Dear Doss,
>>From my French background I know that the Jesuits say "Give us a child until
>he's 7, and he'll be ours forever", so I think youre right. Once they've
>trained someone that young, it's hard to reprogram them. or for them to
>reprogram themselves. Jesuit trained people are good students though. And if
>I recall correctly, Teilhard was a Jesuit. So maybe some people can break
>out of their very strict environment.
Dear Liesel:

Thanks for your feedback. I donot have much of any knowledge of Jesuits
apart from what I quoted. Chuck in a msg stated:

   "John Algeo tells the story that it was the Jesuits that first exposed him to
the Theosophical Society, an irony if ever there was one."

That is very interesting.

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