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Re: Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 17, 1997 11:50 AM
by Thoa Tran

Lynn wrote:
>Thoa, I *do* feel that you misunderstood what I said here. I apparently was
>not clear enough about what I meant. My point had nothing to do with the
>individual karma of anyone suffering from AIDS, regardless of how it was
>contracted. How can you ask me about karmic lessons for hemophiliacs and
>other AIDS patients who contracted it from transfusions when I *explicitly*
>said I was speaking *only* of humanity as a whole? And, when you even
>acknowledge that I was speaking of group karma? If these individuals are part
>of humanity, wouldn't it be logical to assume that they are affected by the
>group karma of humanity? The individual karma of anyone suffering from AIDS,
>again regardless of how contracted, is a totally separate issue, IMHO.
>Secondly, I didn't intend to imply that lusty sex *causes* AIDs. What I truly
>meant was that promiscuous sex has caused the AIDS epidemic because it spread
>the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, far and wide.
>Any disease, IMHO, probably has underlying karmic causes that could have even
>originated in earlier incarnations. I don't see how those who've been
>infected by HIV via blood transfusions would be different than sufferers of
>any other disease or injury in this regard. Also, any widespread disease,
>such as heart disease, could have underlying karmic causes relating to
>humanity's group karma or the karma of the group of souls to which the
>individual sufferer belongs.
>However, having said that, I was speaking purely of the fact that a
>significant portion of humanity was having lustful sex (which, by
>implication, widely spread the HIV virus and thus caused the epidemic) and
>that the AIDS epidemic has forced a large significant portion of humanity to
>abstain from promiscuous sex. Humanity as a *group* is experiencing the
>results of the epidemic just as it will eventually experience the results of
>the return to relative chastity(?), IMHO.
>Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. In "Esoteric Healing", the Tibetan said
>that the Law of Retribution (what we conceive of as punishment or lessons) is
>only one aspect of the Law of Karma. A big problem, IMHO, that arises from
>discussing things like group karma (which I guess I shouldn't have brought up
>no matter how carefully I tried to word it) is that it is so impersonal in
>its nature and operation. And because of this impersonality and its subtlty
>with the fact that as individuals we have no control over it, our minds rebel
>at the concept which threatens our very sense of having free will. So,
>regardless of whether the karma of those who've tragically contracted AIDS
>via blood transfusions is group karma or individual karma, I certainly wasn't
>suggesting that humanity abstain from blood transfusions. If the blood supply
>was really dangerous, then that could be reasonably considered. But, with a
>currently safer blood supply, I can't see drawing a parallel between lusty
>sex and blood transfusions.

Okay, Lynn.  I can't argue with the point of view of the Law of Karma,
since I am not a master of it.  Don't we wish we all could be masters of

>So, now having waded into deeper waters than I ever intended with my comments
>about AIDS, lusty sex, and group karma, I'm going to end this right here
>while I'm behind. ;-D

Very brave, Lynn, very brave.  I would have made my introduction to the
list when the list was discussing fruitism.

Thoa :o)

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