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Re: clarifying some probable mistake

Apr 17, 1997 11:50 AM
by Thoa Tran

Mary Poppins:
>Yes, even assuming that is the only difference between, say, European culture
>and African culture, that is one aspect of slower development.  The ability to
>kill is a good thing.  If we didn't know how to kill viruses and
>vegetables, for
>starters, we could not live.  The greatest event, for the world as a whole, in
>the 20th century, is that the United States developed the atomic bomb first.  I
>wonder what access to Theosophical Society meetings we would have today if far
>more immoral countries than the United States, such as Nazi Germany, Japan, or
>the Soviet Union, had had a nuclear monopoly first.  The ability to kill, as is
>the case with all other abilities, can be used for evil purposes, but there is
>no way around the often unpleasant fact that competition is necessary for

And I say we should promote cannibalism!!!  Since there are more humans on
earth than anything else, and some of us would love a glorious suicide,
some of us can chose to be sacrificial Shmoos.  That would solve the food
shortage, the population shortage, and environmental problems.  We could
promote unity by stating that, "Yes, we are one and the same because we all
taste like chicken!"

Thoa the gourmet

"Soilent's made out of people!!!"

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