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Re: clarifying some probable mistake

Apr 15, 1997 10:27 PM
by Tom Robertson

>When you say Brotherhood/Sisterhood, it is most inclusive and by any >stretch of imagination or logic you could not exclude any one for any >reason. When you start excluding any one for any reason, it is the root >cause of much of mischief and horror the world has seen for how ever many >centuries we can count.
>I would not have anything to do with any group which excludes anyone.
>M K Ramadoss

For me, it depends on the reason for the exclusion.  All groups have definition
and purpose, which means that they all exclude those who are incompatible with
their definition and purpose.  A table tennis club excludes people who aren't
interested in table tennis.  A group which says it puts brotherhood first
excludes those who put any kind of selfish agenda ahead of brotherhood.  But
including all who put brotherhood first does not mean that the unequal
development of its members should not be recognized.  Competition and the making
of comparisons are necessary for growth.

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