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Re: Blavatsky, Satan and evil.

Apr 14, 1997 06:35 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:08 PM 4/14/97 -0400, Titus Roth wrote:
>Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:
>> However, she [HPB] uses Satan in two ways. One is as a Promethean figure
>> (one who defies the powers that be to aid humanity at a high personal cost).
>> She also uses Satanism as meaning (probably deriving from Eliphas Levi, and
>> certainly the way modern occultists interpret it) the rejection of the
>> spiritual in favor of the material (note that this is the modern
>> interpretation of the Devil card in Tarot, as well).
>The latter makes sense. "The love of money is the root to all evil."

   One aspect of which I saw in the 18year litigation of Krishnamurti Trusts
in which funds donated for spreading K's teachings ended up making several
high priced attorneys rich. The root of the litigation was accounting for
funds donated by individuals and lack of disclosure by the Trustees when K
asked them to account for them. 


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