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Re: Heaven's Gate

Mar 28, 1997 02:13 PM
by JRC

On Fri, 28 Mar 1997 wrote:

> Rule one:
> Never take anything the news media says seriously.  They exist to sell
> stomach potions to senior citizens whose false teeth don't fit and need iron
> suppliments.
> Chuck the Heretic
Rule Two:

It may not be that great of an idea to take anything the Heaven's Gate
people say seriously either. The potions they sell are apparently filled
with something other than iron. (All that occured to me was to wonder why
they thought the UFO people would *want* them ... if I were a UFO captain,
I'd probably be feeling right about now the way the Governer of Florida
felt in the late 80's when Fidel Castro, in one of his more humorous
moves, decided to empty his country's institutions for the criminally
insane by allowing them all to "escape" to Miami ... "who the hell *are*
these people, and how can we get rid of them?")

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