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You heard it here first

Mar 26, 1997 10:50 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

On my last visit to my mother's, she said "You sure were
right."  I said, "About what?"  She answered, "A month ago you
predicted that there would be a major scientific and
technological breakthrough in the month of February, based on
astrology."  Me: "Oh, yeah!  I forgot all about that.  So, what
do you mean I was right?"  She: "All this business about
Dolly!"  Me: "Oh!  I didn't even think of that!"

I had posted that prediction based on looking for past
occurrence of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in Aquarius, and
every time there were major breakthroughs in science or
technology.  Looks like it happened again.  Although actually
Dolly was born a while back, it was when the conjunction was
joined by the Sun, Mercury and Venus that the story became

Human cloning brings us close to the secret of immortality in
the physical, and for all its negative potentials, does seem a
very Aquarian Age development.

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