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can you tell us more.?

Mar 20, 1997 11:31 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

>Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:26:39 -0600
>From: M K Ramadoss <>


>PS: Some time ago I accidentally found out that a well known person was sued
>by the Attorney General of California, along with other trustees, several
>years ago as one of the Trustees of a Charitable Trust for mismanagement and
>other things.

>This trust had world wide holdings of real estate and a lot of donated money
>as well. Later on this person, along with other trustees, sued for
>multi-million dollars one of the world reknowned spiritual speaker who has
>affected many TS members around the world. Most people do not know of this

>If this person is just an ordinary member, who cares. But if it is a person
>who occupies well known public position, is it not a fair game especially
>when it may affect the public organization now and in future. Should we take
>an osterich like attitude and say we do not care.

Ramadoss, please tell us more about this matter.

Sveinn Freyr

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