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Concerning the number of souls in evolution:

Mar 15, 1997 12:52 PM
by Sveinn Freyr

Attention to: Jos Koetsier Cape Town RSA

Are you referring to an article in a magazine, that you have at hand.?

If so, -  is it possible to have a copy of this article.?
Or can you send this article over to the list.?

Best wishes,

Sveinn Freyr

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>Date:          Thu, 6 Mar 1997 09:34:08 GMT+2

>Concerning the number of souls in evolution: Unfortunately I don't
>have a source but I got a different number from a South Moluccan
>Theosophist in 1966. He quoted 60.000 million souls which were
>looking for incarnation on Planet Earth, which is about 12 times
>the numbers of souls which are in incarnation now.
>I'll ask people down here whether they know the source and I'll let
>you know. unless somebody else on the net has the answer in one of
>the next bulletins. Does your '600.000 million' only refer to Planet
>Earth or are incarnations on other globes also included?

>With kind regards
>Yours Jos Koetsier Cape Town RSA

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