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Re: CWL & Krishnamurti

Mar 15, 1997 10:34 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:47 PM 3/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Doss,
>I would like to know why you insist on tearing down Leadbeater. Would you
>like me to start in on Krishnamurti? Because, even though I like some of
>Krishnamurti's ideas, I've heard it said that towards the latter part of his
>life Krishnaj became very negative and destructive. Nuff said, for now.

Dear Liesel:

Glad that you brought up the subject.

The way look upon Leadbeater or Krishnamurti or anybody else is this.

I see personal lives and what they have written as two different items.

If their writings are useful to me or anyone else, then I would use them
and am grateful for them. If there are facts about their personal lives
that becomes known, then so be it. Sometimes we may not like what we see.
But it is their life and not my life.

I would welcome you or anyone else wants to start on Krishnamurti. I would
very much like to know what you have heard or known about Krishnamurti
becoming very negative and destructive towards the latter part of his life.
Please post what you know or heard.



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