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[Fwd: $1,094,000 Therapeutic Touch Challenge]

Mar 09, 1997 09:39 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

> Subject: $1,094,000 Therapeutic Touch Challenge

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Press Release
March 8,1997

The $1,094,000 Therapeutic Touch Challenge!

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), Philadelphia Area Nurses
and Skeptics Alliance (PANSA) and PBS's Scientific American Frontiers
are jointly conducting a test of Therapeutic Touch. The award of $1,094,
000 is fully guaranteed by the James Randi Educational Foundation of
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The testing will be supervised and videotaped
by Scientific American Frontiers for a program to be broadcast in
November of this year.

In the Nursing profession, Therapeutic Touch (TT) is known as an energy-
based healing system. According to the TT hypothesis, the human body
radiates an energy field 4-8 inches from the skin.  The practitioners
are supposedly able to feel, assess, and correct abnormalities in this
field.  They claim that they do this simply by waving their hands over
the recipients without ever actually touching them. Since the time of
its inception, no one has actually proved that this field exists.

In a previous test held on November 8, 1996, a TT practitioner had
failed to prove that she was able to feel an energy field. However, she
is just one of over 40,000 active practitioners who claim to have this
amazing talent. In the spirit of good Science and good Nursing, it is
time to show that at least one TT practitioner has the ability to feel
this field.

	The test will be conducted at:
		The JREF Building in Ft Lauderdale Florida
		on June 2, 3 &4.

The test will include the use of a fiberglass construct that has two
sleeves that allows the insertion of a subject's arms. This construct
will be placed on a table and covered with a simple sheet. There will be
three stages to the test using the same basic format. This format will
be based on a random coin-flip which will determine whether the right or
left arm is inserted into the construct. The TT practitioner will then
assess the energy emanating from the construct to determine which sleeve
is occupied. In Part 1, a series of ten "open" trials will be done where
there will be a clear view of which arm is occupying the construct. This
will establish the TT practitioner's ability to feel the field and
become comfortable with the format.

In Part 2, a curtain will be drawn to bar the TT practitioner from
seeing which arm is in the construct. A series of twenty double-blinded
random trials will be performed. A score of 15 or greater will be
considered a positive result and will allow that practitioner to advance
to Part 3. Part 3 is to be done the following day using the same format
as Part 2. A score of 20 out of 20 in Part 3 will win the $1,097,000

Scientific American Frontiers is an objective 3rd party unaffiliated
with either skeptics groups or proponents of TT. They will be the
official judges for this test.

The integrity of the nursing profession is important. Thus, it is
important that the TT concept be understood and utilized to its fullest

	Inquiries for information and registration will be taken starting March
16, 1997. Contact Bob Glickman RN, President of PANSA, Philadelphia Area
Nurses & Skeptics Alliance,  PO Box 21970, Philadelphia, PA 19124.  (215
) 533-4677. Or contact the James Randi Educational Foundation, 201 SE
Davie Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale FL  33316-1815. (954) 467-1112

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