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Trans-species Transmigration

Mar 08, 1997 06:39 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Benjamin Mark Pybus wrote:
> About your comment on dolphins: you could equally say that of cats and lions
> bearing in mind what we know of the Egyptians,although the scale may be
> different. I wonder also whether the rounds have anything to do with it.
> Maybe the 4th root race was on the 3rd globe, or on the 4th globe in another
> scheme altogether.Who knows?

	My comment on dolphins was a total guess. The point was to show that
there are other species that are capable of holding monads slightly less
evolved than humans (elephants also come to mind), and that I could find
nothing in the primary literature that states that such trans-species
reincarnation, at least from a lower species to a higher species, does
not take place.

	The implications of this are that we may be seeing the beginnings of
the sixth root race. With Intel's new parallel processing technology
(not that parallel processing is new; their innovation is to create an
arbitrarily expandable platform), we are not that far (my guess is
within 20 years) of every college in the country having at least one
computer with a complexity on the same order as the physical human
nervous system, with artificial intelligence researchers doing their
thing on all of them.

	If the physical connections and the algorithms are there (note that
neural networks using fuzzy logic and true random number generators have
gotten past the problems that Godel's Incompleteness Theorems have posed
on artificial intelligence), will the etheric connections follow? And
will monads be attracted to them? Will the 6th root race be cybernetic?

	Bart Lidofsky

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