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Re: THEOS-L digest 940, Rukmini, 600.000 million souls

Mar 05, 1997 11:34 PM

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> There is a mention somewhere in one of the eastern scriptures or books that
> the total number of souls in evolution is in the order of 600,000 million.
> Can anyone give me the citation?

Bellville, 06.03.1997
Thanks again for the interesting information about Kalakshetra.

Concerning the number of souls in evolution: Unfortunately I don't
have a source but I got a different number from a South Moluccan
Theosophist in 1966. He quoted 60.000 million souls which were
looking for incarnation on Planet Earth, which is about 12 times
the numbers of souls which are in incarnation now.
I'll ask people down here whether they know the source and I'll let
you know. unless somebody else on the net has the answer in one of
the next bulletins. Does your '600.000 million' only refer to Planet
Earth or are incarnations on other globes also included?

With kind regards
Yours Jos Koetsier Cape Town RSA

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