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Re: Lecture Styles

Mar 02, 1997 09:51 PM
by ramadoss

At 10:37 PM 3/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> A side comment on lectures. From my experience, usually one can tell when
>> someone is lecturing, if it is really coming from his whole being or just
>> coming from the head.
>> The latter, while nice to listen and could be very impressive to hear and
>> appear very learned, does not have the same impact as the former. Also many
>> times when you find a lecturer lecturing theosophical topics, and the
>> lecturer is doing it just for living, not as someone who is really committed
>> to Theosophy, it does not have the same impact. How could it good impact?
>> So much for divergence on lectures.
>	So much for the divurgence; it is now a main topic.
>	In my past lectures, at least for the public, I have tried to maintain
>balance, sticking to facts, labelling my opinions as such, and giving
>other possibilities that might conflict with my opinions. As a result,
>they were, at least in part, coming from my head and not my whole being.
>	Since I have determined to take the attitude, "This is my lecture, this
>is what I think, this is what I think is based upon", my lectures have
>been much better received. I still label opinion and fact appropriately,
>but I no longer give all the other possible opinions.
>	Bart Lidofsky
Glad to see your response. Whatever works is the best.


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