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Meat Industry Investment

Feb 26, 1997 07:25 PM
by Thoa Tran

>BTW, as a rule in my consulting and tax practice I do not take on clients in
>businesses dealing with liquor, meat industry, poulty & seafood industry,
>prostitution, military and law enforcement. This policy has not hurt my

Doss, I can understand your point of view and you follow whatever you like
for your business.  I know you are thinking of the good of society.
However, your policy troubles me.  There was a time when businesses would
not deal with interracial couples, unmarried couples, homosexual couples,
minorities and women because they feel that such people either contribute to
the decay of society or, as in the case of women and minorities, they have
no business dealing directly with them.  You can see how much damage this
can do to those people when the feeling was unanimous among businesses.  In
today's environment, your policy for your business probably does not
inconvenience your rejected businesses, but I think you can see my point.


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