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Re: THEOS-L digest 926

Feb 24, 1997 10:34 PM
by C Kent

With apologies to the original from which I stole this from, this is
addressed to anyone who thinks they know the right way to live, and
dedicated to those (like myself) who have had to work out how to survive for

What if?
What if many young people today are inhabiting Aquarian bodies?
What if many young people today have Aquarian potentialities?
What if these people are struggling to survive in a Piscean world?
What if the wisdom of the Piscean elders no longer applies to these people?
What if this wisdom actually mitigates against their survival?
What if they are having to work out how to survive any which way they can?
What if they have to be their own elders, no matter how young they are?
What if their bodies are screaming in pain in this Piscean world?
What if eating meat helps reduce this pain?
What if they are begging you to listen to their trials and
what if you elders are too deaf to hear?
What if?

For Aquarian substitute any more evolved root race/round you like.

I constantly get into arguments over this with the retired or conservative
TS'ers at my lodge, or even those living hippie lifestyles.  Such people can
have ABSOLUTELY NO idea what modern young people (anything under 60 by TS
standards ;-)  working in the corporate world are having to confront in
their lives now.  Judge not lest ye shall be judged is all I can say to
those who preach from on high.

>Now this is interesting.  Jesus Christ (not one of my favorites but there are
>some folks who like him), The Prophet Mohammed, George Washington, Thomas
>Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, HPB, Col. Olcott, Thomas Edison, and Albert
>Einstein and lots of Dalai Lamas in various incarnations were all meat
>Adolf Hitler, George Arundale, and Indira Ghandi were vegetarians.
>Do I see a pattern here?

Thanks Chuck, I'll use this one.  Anyone know Idi Amin's or Sadam Hussein's

mkr wrote
>In all situations, I think one should use one's god given common sense. It
>is impractical for example to expect Eskimos to be vegetarians.

Ah, but are you implying that they are a spiritually inferior race which can
never contact their higher selves in such a meat eating incarnation?

I'm trying to find something I thought someone (perhaps you) wrote about not
being able to get in touch with your higher self if you eat meat.  I can't
find it, but I would like to ask whoever wrote this,  "Who said?".  I am
tired of patronising and contemptuous comments from superior people who say
things like, "you obviously don't understand what working on the higher
planes means if you think you can eat meat"  I got exactly this one today
from an ES'er.  To her I asked the questions, "How do you know what I can
and can't do? and  Who are you to make such a judgment?"  To which I was
treated to the inevitable quiet smirk.  And you wonder why we get a bit
touchy on the subject!

And another thing - I really resent this stuff about living UP to standards,
with the implication that meat eating is DOWN and we will get UP eventually!

Christine the irritable - whoops, obviously need more meat.

Dang it - got caught again - irritabililty is a sign of some kind of
spiritual inferiority or other isn't it.  Well we just can't win.


Christine the even more irritable


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