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Re: Food fight!

Feb 24, 1997 06:00 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Preach it, sister.
> And just remember that merely because somebody says something does not imply
> that the rest of us are under any obligation to listen.
> Our friends on the list have many good things about them and this weird
> aberration that forces them to want to control what goes into other people's
> stomachs will hopefully pass as quickly as vegetables do in my system,
> exactly two hours.  In fact, if I eat chinese food, which has lots of the
> little green things in it, I have to be certain to be within fast walking
> distance of a toilet after an hour and a half or terrible things will result.
I tried tofu several times, thinking it was my vegetarian salvation and would
make me acceptable in some people's eyes.  It always gave me severe
gas pains and I had to give it up.



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