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Re: Food fight!

Feb 24, 1997 05:49 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:37 PM 2/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>condition.  I learned early on NEVER to eat anything I brought in
>front of the group in the regular dining room, because one time some very
>prominent theosophical woman started screaming at me at the table, without
>even asking me why I was doing it.  Guess she just thought I was a trouble
>maker.  She has sinced passed on without ever knowing the pain and
>embarassment she caused me, but I always ate my meals in my room at
>any of the retreats after that.

  There is an Indian tradition that some orthodox Hindus will never eat in
front of others. There are many who will never eat outside of their own
homes. It is changing in India.

  Long time ago there was an article about a Congressman (I believe he is
from Illinois area) who was a vegetarian. He has to go to parties in
Washington DC every evening and he usually ate at home and went to the
parties and usually he ate nothing in the parties except for a cup of
coffee. In most parties everyone is busy taking care of themselves that most
times no one notices if you ate anything at all.

  I am adopting his technique and when I go to any dinner or party I eat at
home and it has been working very well for me.

  It is rather disturbing that anyone should scream at anyone for any reason.

>That incident told me that I was an outcast
>and should never show my medical weakness in the face of all these
>high and holy people who call themselves vegetarians.  Evidently,.God has
>singled me out to be a pariah in the midst of all the spiritual people I would
>love to sit down at the table at.  He made me different, now I understand, to
>realize there are things far worse than eating meat or only veggies.  That is
>making another human being feel like scum because they don't do something
>you do.


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