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Eat Your Veggies and live

Feb 23, 1997 04:12 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>The eating of vegetables is an abomination.
>People who eat vegetables probably wear white during rituals, which is also
>an abomination.

Sometimes, Uncle Chucky, you can reach new heights of silliness!  here
in the Old Country (as some Americans have called it) we have seen a
very large increase of vegetarianism, mostly because people are afraid
of being killed as a consequence of eating meat, especially beef.  Beef
cattle in the tens or even thousands of hundreds have had to be
slaughtered throughout Europe to prevent the spread of "Mad Cow Disease"
which is suspected of being connected to an increase in the incidence of
its human equivalent.  Very recently we have seen a number of deaths
directly related to meat eating where the E.Coli virus has found its way
into the food chain among meat consumers.

Eating meat, it is clear, can seriously damage your health.  Lucky ol'
me has avoided all this by turning veggie about seven years back.  One
of my better decisions, I think.  Joing the TS was not one of my better
decisions, so don't blame them.

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