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Re: Subject: Re: Hey From: Sorcia

Feb 21, 1997 04:29 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-02-20 23:56:00 EST, you write:

> a moral rule of conduct
>expressed, or the adventures of a great people typified through battles,
>famines, romance, violence and intrigue; but, deep down underneath, there is
>more satisfying meaning, a mystical, spiritual meaning that is of great help
>the individual today and that is what everyone is seeking.


Does that mean I can go into the land of Midian and kill everything that
moves again?

When are people going to realize that while the Bible is a fun book (try
reading Revelation after dropping some good acid) it has about as much
spiritual value as the warnings on the back of a Lysol can.

Besides, in case you all forgot out there, crucifiction HURTS.

Chuck the Heretic

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