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Re: digest 907

Feb 15, 1997 02:57 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 15 Feb 1997 wrote:

> Furthermore, perhaps even a clear majority would have a difficult time
> raising objections to anything, at least in the Americn Section.  For one
> thing, there is the "secret membership list" strategy which prevents any
> unapproved informational mailings to all members.  For another thing, there
> is the "filtered access" to THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST (QUEST) which prevents
> the discussion of "untoward" subjects and gets the membership only well
> acquainted with certain individuals who might run for office.

The only hope I see for the future is Internet to open up the eyes of
members to the real reality of the situation. It is going to take some
time. When you add the factor that there are still a lot of members in
the 80s and 90s for whom TS is a religion and it is too late for them to
open up and see the reality.

As more and more younger members and potential members get interested, it
is highly likely that they have Internet access. It is going to provide
them information which will make them understand that what they see is
not what they get as far as the organization is concerned. From this
point of view, some of us who have been around and are aware of.

In an unrelated matter, in a recent conversation with a member of TSA,
the member suggested that the receipt of and tallying of votes in all
national elections may have to be given to the Certified Public
Accounting Firm, just like they do in Oscar and other awards so that the
confidence in the process can be assured for all members.


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