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Re: Where to start?

Feb 14, 1997 06:01 AM
by M K Ramadoss (by way of M K Ramadoss <>)

At 07:50 AM 2/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Christine had a potentially useful if rather daunting set of
>questions, but I've already deleted the theos-l digest in which
>they appeared.  So perhaps she or someone else will repost them
>I'll start off by describing where I stand with institutional
>Theosophy and how TI might fit into the picture.  As I've said
>many times, all my experience with local (VA/NC/DC/MD) TSA
>groups has been overwhelmingly positive.  So seeing Wheaton and
>Adyar in increasingly negative terms (and vice-versa!) over the
>years has created cognitive dissonance.  On one hand, how can I
>abandon all these wonderful people doing good work in their
>lodges?  On the other, how can I continue to support an
>organization that is controlled by a secret faction I consider
>not just misguided but truly evil?  My answer is to continue
>unabated in working with Theosophists in the region, while
>denying Wheaton/Adyar the support of my membership.

TS is what it is today, is not because of the bureaucrats who may enjoy
having high sounding titles which impress no body but the gullible.

It is because of the blood and sweat of the founders and 1000s of unknown
unsophisticated ordinary members throughout the world. Last night I read a
letter in which HPB had to sell her jewelry to support the TS at a time TS
did not have a multi-million dollar Trust and Kern Trust to fund the activities.

I had personally known of a number of members, most of them poor lower
middle class who have toiled for the TS and Theosophy and given whatever
little they can and expected nothing.

But for the above, TS would have been history long ago.

Having read and seen some of the above, and the enormous (non monetary)
benefit I have received due to exposure to the simple fundamental
Theosophical ideas, I am still hopeful that there is a lot of mileage left
in TS and Theosophy is badly needed for the masses as I see it can bring
about a very useful change in their lives and those whom they come into
That's why I continue to work to see how TS can be improved. At least I can
say that I am not in it for *personal* *spiritual* growth or with the hope
of sitting at the right hand of *God* at some time in the future.

I am sharing the above thoughts because we need the help of each and
everyone in this great project.


>The ULT and Pasadena organizations are non-starters in this part
>of the world, as far as networking goes.  In ten years of a Pasadena-affiliated
>local group (of which I was the founder) we engendered lots of
>interest in theosophy, but none in the TS for whatever reason.
>While the Pasadena TS is not a force for evil like the
>ES-dominated rulership of the Adyar society, it's not much
>of a force for good either, except on those "inner planes"
>Theosophists talk about when excusing their quietism on the
>"outer."  ULT I cannot speak to, knowing little of its current
>Adyar still has 90% of the membership of the movement,
>probably, and retains vitality in its own weird way.  Maybe
>someday reform forces can triumph but that's true of the RC
>Church too-- and in neither case does the victory of good over
>evil forces appear plausible enough to justify pouring my
>energy into the organization.

See my comment above.

>I wonder whether Theosophy is worth saving in any
>distinct organization, or whether it is best suited to be
>studied as foundation material in later organizations that
>focus on other things.  I'm hoping to create some more interest
>in the A.R.E. in HPB's writings, by showing the extent to which
>the Cayce readings echo her.  Any need I have for a group to
>belong to which I feel is doing generally good work in the
>field of esotericism is met by the A.R.E., so I don't "need" TI
>to be some kind of organizational "home."  Probably none of us
>But there is still a gap, one which TI can fill, not just in my
>experience but perhaps in that of others: providing a forum for
>pursuing the (modified) three objects of the original TS
>outside the ranks of existing institutions.  And as it exists
>largely in cyberspace, I'm wondering if the best way for TI to
>get its message out might be activating this list or creating a
>e-zine together.
>Just some rambling disjoined early morning thoughts.

So are my rambling early morning thoughts.


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