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Re: Shantara

Feb 12, 1997 08:49 AM
by m.k. ramadoss


I appreciate your taking the time run the search.

You would not believe what I first found in the search I made of the web.
I used two search engines -- yahoo and hotbot.

The first hit was a video game which has a character called Shantara --
someone's invention of a mythical character in the fictional action game.

Wonder who is playing games?

First when Christine posted the msg, she mentioned about the various
psychic actions that she could be subjected to and I posted my response
you may have seen. Now comes this imaginary group take over. Are we on
ground or in some other plane.

It looks like some one should have their head checked soon before it is
too late.

Again thanks for the research.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

On Wed, 12 Feb 1997, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Following up Doss's research, I checked the 36 million item
> WorldCat database for works with either subject, author or
> title containing the word Shantara.  There was nothing.  Of
> course, this just proves how diabolical the takeover conspiracy
> is; people who have carefully concealed their existence for
> centuries (the database includes items cataloged as far back as
> the eleventh century) are scary adversaries indeed!  We should
> be happy to relinquish all our rights to the TS/ES hierarchy if
> it will help fight this horrible foe.
> Alan, will you repost the TI list info?  I'd like to get on in
> light of Christine's recent comments.
> Cheers
> Paul

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