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Re: THEOS-L digest 899

Feb 11, 1997 03:30 PM
by ramadoss

At 05:54 PM 2/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>MKD wrote
>>Some years ago the Charter of Canadian Section was cancelled.
>Thanks for this information on the Canadian Section.  I am very curious
>about this situation because of the outcome of it at my Lodge.  The story we
>hear is that the Canadian section and some country in Europe (Belgium or
>Denmark - not sure which ) have been taken over by the Shantara Group
>(spelling unknown).
>This has been used as a big stick for many years of changes to our
>constitution which has resulted in us having a constitution which
>effectively creates and supports a closed shop. At each AGM we have more
>rules changes making the constitution more and more complex and
>disenfranchinsing members more and more, and if anyone speaks against these
>changes, the big bogey of a "takeover" is raised and the changes are
>promptly voted in.
>So, I would very much like to have as much knowledge of this as possible so
>that I can counteract the fear mongering.  Does anyone know the "human" side
>of this (and the European  situation) other than the facts as presented in
>the article?

        Danish Sections charter was cancelled and it appears that there was
litigation for the property between pro Adyar members and others and pro
Adyar members lost the litigation. It also appears that there have been
problems in other countries Ireland (?), Greece (?), Italy (?), & Yugoslavia
(?). Information on the background is usually difficult to come by because
no one talks about them. Also in the past it has been very difficult for
membership in any one country to know anything about what is going on even
in the next door country. It looks like with better communication
possibilities thru Internet, information in future may come out as things
happen. But again, there may be a unwritten gag order on partyliners not to
talk about any of these issues on Internet with the subtle threat of action
against them. So it is left to those bold and brave souls who have to speak
up what is right and help the organization.

        In all the above, it appears that the bottom line is property and
money. If property and money is not involved, then what is there to take
away. The Greatest of all reformers, Lord Buddha stated very clearly that
there is no need for any intermediary (priests) for any ones's salvation. So
for the practical application of Theosophical principles for each one of us
to help the Humanity no organization is needed. Who knows what is the
immediate future of TS as we know it. Even the great Roman Empire had its
hay days and then disappeared. May be some of those in Astrology may want to
see what the stars say say in the future 20 - 50 years.

        In any event Theo-sophia will survive as it has done from antiquity.


But for Internet, you wont have posted the msg and I wont be posting this
reply. Think about it.


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