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Re: THEOS-L digest 896

Feb 10, 1997 11:37 AM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-02-10 07:49:03 EST, you write:

>I had never thought of this one.  So if I make myself as thoroughly
>obnoxious as possible (not hard in this environment, more a matter of
>ceasing the effort to remain civilised under duress) and put my hand up to
>every form of deviant behaviour known to man or woman, I will have nothing
>left to fear?  Novel approach but consistent with the Castandeda approach if
>not the Mahatma's.   ;-)

To a certain degree, that's what I've already done.  I eat meat, wear lots of
leather (by TS standards though less than some of my friends), write books
about how to become psychic and make your neighbors think they they are being
chased by large bugs (which scared the US powers-that-be nigh unto half to
death in 1987 when the first one was published) and my sexual perversity is
notorious.  For some reason which mystifies me as well as everyone around me,
I find that the people in the TS tend to like me and I get away with just
about anything.

I think it has something to do with something I discovered when I was in
college.  If you think of yourself as being "good" and try to be "good"
people will come up with all sorts of things for you to do and not to do and
generally bug the hell out of you.  If, on the other hand, you reject the
idea of "goodness" and let everyone know you reject it, they then leave you
alone and just enjoy having you around because it breaks the monotony.
Since everyone already knows in advance I'm going to both break all the rules
and speak my mind they don't get upset when I do.  In fact, I think there
have been times when I've been used to say things that other folks were too
polite to say.

Chuck the Heretic

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