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The Three Aims - Newsbreaking Item

Feb 09, 1997 09:04 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:00 PM 2/9/97 -0500, Ihle wrote:

>I begrudge "The Three Aims" which were semi-officially presented as the
>"inner side of The Three Objects."

I think I should add my 2 cents worth on this.

For those of you newbees to theos-l, this is the background to the "The
Three Aims".

        TSA has a publication called The Theosophical Messenger which is
sent to Members at Large -- those who are not attached to a lodge or a
center. I believe it comes four times a year. It is usually a couple of
pages long. Any member attached to a lodge can "subscribe" to it at an
additional cost (I believe $7.50/year). At this time, the members at large
constitute a significant percentage of the total membership. It is an
official publication of TS which keeps at large members informed.

        In one of the past issues, there was an *unsigned* article on
Theosophy/TS. In it, the unnamed author, (one wonders why the author did not
put his/her name) discusses "The Three Aims" of the TS.

        In all these over 121 years of the existence of TS, we all have seen
the Three Objects of TS. I have never read anywhere about the Three Aims.
Since it has been published in an (official) publication of TSA, it appears
to be officially sanctioned either overtly or covertly.

Looking at the Three Aims statement, several questions arise.

1. Is this something that has been kept secret -- for 121 years and now
being revealed with the oncoming of 21st millennium? If so it would be
interesting to know more about its secret background.

2. Is this something that has been recently invented or discovered? If so by
whom and how? May have a very interesting background to it.

3. Did any of the Real Founders notified any one in the Administrative
Hierarchy that these are the real aims of TS as against the original Three
Objects? If so when and who sent the msg and who received the msg and how?
This would be a news breaking story for all T/theosophists around the world.

4. Or is this something that has been recently formulated to indicate the
future direction of TS?

        This is very important. Because any one who reads it may come to the
conclusion that in spite of the official profession of the three Objects,
the *real* aims of the TS are the three aims postulated.

        If this is true, then we have to be honest and open and tell all the
members about them very clearly.

        Since TS/TSA are tax exempt organizations, such an important change
should be notified to the Internal Revenue Service. They would be very glad
to hear.

        If these are the real aims of TS, then let us tell the world about
them. Anyone reading the three aims may come to the conclusion that any one
wanting to sign up and trained to be chelas etc of whoever is the guru
better apply soon and join the TS without delay. There would be an
unbelievable  response. Just see the huge response that the other gurus have
received in the USA. Of course once you are under training -- like in the
military, trainee is are under total control. It makes life easy for

5. More importantly and seriously, were the aims discussed at the
International General Council (which consists of the National
Presidents/National Secretaries of all Sections) at any time in the past.
If not why not?

        Items discussed at GC are generally shrouded in great mystery and
great secrecy unless the big bosses chose to share crumbs of information.
Lowly ordinary members normally are not told much, since they need not know
about them. When have you seen anything published about the GC discussions?

        If anyone has any information on any of the above, please post a
msg. I am sure the subscribers would find it interesting.

        If anyone has any more questions on any aspect I may have missed,
please post your questions.



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