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Re: Compensation worldwide

Feb 07, 1997 04:07 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
JRC <> writes
>And so, the mystery of why Terry was refused a mailing list
>intended to spread Theosophy in Montana is solved. What will we do?
>Well, probably just organize activity ourselves ... leave (as increasing
>numbers are doing due to similar reasons) the ATS loop. Why should *we*,
>after expending a good deal of energy to organize and present public
>Theosophy, draw in newcomers & etc., *why* should we then give them
>membership forms - forms that would be sent, along with *money*, to a
>Headquarters that will not even give us a damn *list*?

The Theosophy International membership list is posted on a more or less
regular basis to the TI-L list.  Membership is free, and people do not
need to be on a computer network to join (though most at present are).

It would be nice to see this idea spreading in non-computer circles,
among non-computer people.

Just a recurring thought ...

Alan :-)
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