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Re: THEOS-L digest 888

Feb 07, 1997 05:22 AM
by Tom Robertson

Ben wrote:

>Tom wrote:

>>In exactly the same way, masculine and feminine are distinguishable, but
>>inseparable. Pure femininity and pure masculinity exist only in the abstract.

>How do you distinguish between two objects that are inseparable?

This is the best explanation I have for how each individual has unique
degrees of both.  Since it is analogous to the theory, which makes
sense to me, of how spirit and matter are distinguishable and
inseparable, and that there are many other pairs of opposites which
seems to relate to each other in the same way, I consider it more
likely to be true.

It is philosophically crucial to be able to distinguish between
factors that are inseparable.  The virtue of discrimination depends on
it.  For example, there are some people who claim that Nazis did not
gas Jews during World War 2.  The belief that millions of Jews were
systematically exterminated arouses such strong feelings that anyone
who even dares suggest this possibility is often branded, for no other
reason, as an anti-Semite.  I understand it is even illegal in France
to make such a suggestion, at least in some forms.  But the evaluation
of such a policy and whether it happened or not, even though
inseparable, are different questions.  The search for truth depends on
the ability to distinguish between them.  It is entirely possible to
as fully disapprove of it, if it happened, as anyone does, while
questioning its historical accuracy.

>I know from astronomy you can distinguish between two stars that seem to >be inseparable, but how can you distinguish between abstract principles >except by analogy or thought-forms which in turn lead to a clouding of the >objects under analysis leading to incorrect conclusions.

It is more relevant to distinguishing between inseparable thoughts and
feelings and inseparable mixtures of opposites, than it is of 2
seemingly inseparable physical objects.  And it does just the opposite
of clouding perception.  Not distinguishing between inseparable
factors is what leaves perception clouded.

>If pure femininity and pure masculinity "exist" on the abstract how does one
>prove they exist at all.

By their existing purely only in the abstract, I meant that they
always exist as mixtures in the concrete.

>Perhaps we only hope they exist because otherwise it would mean that we >would see our separativeness as pure illusion which would
>disintegrate our ideas on individuality and consequently our personalities
>which most of us wrongly believe to be our own self expression.

We are as much individuals as we are parts of greater wholes.

>Many fear that
>possibility and so pretend that in fact duality is part of the description
>of objective reality.

It seems to be a part of reality to me.

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