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Re: THEOS-L digest 888

Feb 07, 1997 10:22 AM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus

>In exactly the same way, masculine and feminine are distinguishable, but
inseparable. Pure femininity and pure masculinity exist in the abstract.

How do you distinguish between two objects that are inseparable? I know from
astronomy you can distinguish between two stars that seem to be inseparable,
but how can you distinguish between abstract principles except by analogy or
thought-forms which in turn lead to a clouding of the objects under analysis
leading to incorrect conclusions.
If pure femininity and pure masculinity "exist" on the abstract how does one
prove they exist at all. Perhaps we only hope they exist because otherwise it
would mean that we would see our separativeness as pure illusion which would
disintegrate our ideas on individuality and consequently our personalities
which most of us wrongly believe to be our own self expression.Many fear that
possibility and so pretend that in fact duality is part of the description
of objective reality.



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