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Re: Q's and ponderences

Feb 06, 1997 10:44 PM
by Tom Robertson

The Triaist wrote:

> Anyhow, blahblahblah, I don't see how you could consider me a sexist.

Perception of sexism, like perception of beauty, is as much in the eye
of the beholder as it is objective.  Since charges of sexism are so
freely and recklessly thrown around, unless they have an objective
basis, I would laugh at them.

>The really sad thing is that the last time I tried to make an example of the
>equality that men and women share, I got a message saying "oh, boo hoo."
>Perhaps compassion simply does not exist anymore in women or men.

Women have been "abused."  They therefore have the right to imitate
their "abusers."

>Chauvenists may be sexist, but don't examples like these just make >feminists hypocritical?
>Which is worse?

I wonder the same thing.


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