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Re: Krishnamurti

Feb 06, 1997 01:10 PM
by m.k. ramadoss


A very good astrological analysis of this chart.

I would like to mention that the ground work for his being able to travel
and speak was provided by the members of TS and many of them were and are
affected by his speeches and writings. This network was very crucial in
his mission. The expectation of TS leaders were that he would fall into a
pattern that they had imagined, but he took off in a totally unexpected

If you look at some of the writings of HPB, she talked about the same
things as K also spoke.

One of the greatest contribution of his was to make every one think. And
also raised the serious question about spiritual hierarchy and authority.

His speeches and writings provided me with a better understanding of
fundamental practical principles of T/theosophy which made me see some of
the things more clearly and also made be bold to speak up when needed no
matter whom you deal with.


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