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Reality (to Tom)

Feb 05, 1997 12:53 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>From what I can gather about clairvoyance, it follows the same rules
>as physical observation.  There is an objective reality which is
>perceived.  Seeing anger in someone's aura is different from imagining
>seeing anger in someone's aura in that one is objectively true and the
>other is objectively false.  Or are you saying that you believe that
>imagination and reality are identical in non-physical perception?

	But, unless there is corroborating testimony from others,
there is absolutely no way to know if your clairvoyant perceptions
are "accurate" or not.  Seeing another's aura is easy to verify--
just ask that person or a friend.  But what happens when you
astral travel to another Globe?  Or to the planet Mars?  There is
no other person around to verify your perceptions, and you
therefore have no way of being "objective."  But then again, all
of this assumes that objective reality is the consensus of others.
This "consensus" is what I call the overlapping of Not-I's.  Physical
existence is just this.  If something physically exists, then it
can be verified by others (which is what the scientific method
is all about).  But this is just not so on the inner planes, where
only a small amount of overlap (consensus) occurs.  For example,
our dreams take place on the inner planes.  How much
objectivity is in a dream?  Well, sometimes dreams come true,
but more often than not, they don't.  So, are dreams unreal?
Well, my whole point is that they seem very real while
dreaming, and only seem unreal after waking.  Our dreams have
no consensus with others, and so they have a personal
reality rather than a collective reality.  In short, you (and most
folks) see only collective reality as being objectively real, while
I maintain that personal reality is just as "real" as collective
reality.  Whatever I experience is real to me while I am
experiencing it.  Some of my experiences can be verified by
others, and some cannot be.  To label those experiences that
are personal to me as unreal is ignoring a large part of
existence (I suspect that over half of our life is spent in personal
reality).  A lot of folks, for example, ignore their dreams or
pretend that they don't dream.  This is a mistake, and a terrible
waste of valuable experience.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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