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Re: Compensation worldwide

Feb 05, 1997 11:19 AM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-02-05 12:07:01 EST, you write:

>The people at Olcott are there because they have a love and
>committment to what they believe in.  That can be stronger than
>any material discomfort or lack of money.  As far as I'm concerned,
>they are being paid in spades by living in that wonderful atmosphere
>and beautiful natural grounds, the kind that are fast disappearing from
>my area and being swallowed up by tollways, industrial parks, housing
>developments and fast food franchises.  In some ways, I envy them.
The problem is that the staff is not always well treated by the
administration or the members.  In the past it was often the case that a
staff member would make a very real financial sacrifice to come to Olcott,
thinking that he or she would be able to make a real contribution to the
running of the TS only to discover that they had landed on the bottom of the
pecking order in the entire section.
Then there are those unfortunates who have been deluded into thinking that
Olcott is some sort of holy place only discover themselves in the midst of an
administrative center with all the politics that goes on in such places.  In
both cases the result has been painful disillusionment.
In addition, Olcott is the focus for every complaint in the section.  Having
nice gounds is poor compensation for all that.  I don't envy the poor devils
a bit.

Chuck the Heretic


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